Mtb coaching

DH Target oriented towards optimized technical execution on course. Setting up suspension and benefiting from geometry options . Specific training and competition management schedules.

XC Technical skills have been always and important subject in xc , due to the evolution of the discipline in last years , courses are getting more technical , difficult and demanding. Specific technique training has become a must, enabling riders to cope with the obstacles and features they will encounter.

Road coaching
In a discipline where all efforts are focused on physiological performance with marginal gains it is an evidence that crashes and accidents can be disastrous . Our gains will come from a better bike technique and control avoiding crashes and injuries, saving energy and making our rides easier and more manageable. Shaving seconds , even minutes to the clock , after all times counts whether it is climbing , descending or time trialing.
Triathlon coaching
Same concept as road cycling but adapted to the triathletes requirements and course paricularities. Compressing the sessions due to the complexity and difficulty of the discipline and volumen of training , considering triathletes backgrounds are usually not related to technical bike disciplines.


  • Julien Pinot

    Julien Pinot

    Sport scientist (PhD) & Coach in Groupama-FDJ Pro Cycling Team

    L’intervention d’Oscar dans l’équipe était une volonté du staff technique d’apporter une aide aux coureurs sur la spécificité de la technique en descente. Aujourd’hui, l’importance des descentes est de plus en plus grande pour créer des différences à haut niveau. L’expérience et le projet d’Oscar nous ont donc incité à placer plusieurs journées dans nos stages de préparation. De même, nous proposons à nos coureurs en difficulté ou désirant renforcer leur techniques et qualités en descente un travail plus fréquent au cours de la saison. Nous avons également travaillé avec Oscar sur la technique du train sprint pour améliorer la capacité à appréhender les trajectoires en groupe avant un sprint final. La motivation et les compétences d’Oscar ont permis que ces journées soient des réussites et apportent de la confiance aux coureurs à aborder ces situations décisives en course.
    The intervention of Oscar in the team was a willingness of the technical staff to help riders on the specificity of the downhill technique. Today, the importance of descents is greater and greater to create differences at top level. The experience and the project of Oscar thus encouraged us to place several days in our preparation training camps. Similarly, we offer to our riders who are struggling or who wish to reinforce their downhill techniques and skills more frequent work with him during the season. We also worked with Oscar on the sprint lead out to improve the ability to grasp group trajectories before a final sprint. The motivation and skills of Oscar have made these days a success and give riders confidence to tackle these decisive racing situations.

  • Thibaut Pinot

    Thibaut Pinot


    J’ai rencontré Oscar pour la première fois durant la Vuelta 2013 lorsqu’il m’a proposé ses services pour m’aider dans les descentes. Mais cela n’a pas été possible à l’époque car il était en contrat d’exclusivité avec Giant. A la fin de 2015, il fut libre donc j’ai été très heureux de pouvoir partager plusieurs expériences avec lui. Il m’a donné un grand nombre de conseils qui m’ont donné en confiance en course au moment d’aborder une descente. Je ne serai pas le meilleur descendeur du monde mais avec Oscar, j’ai amélioré ma technique afin que les descentes ne soient plus une faille et un frein à ma progression.

    I met Oscar for the first time during Vuelta 2013 and he proposed his service to help me to improve in descent. But it was not possible as he was in exclusivity contract with Giant. At the end of 2015, he was free, so I was really happy to be able to share some experiences with him. He give me a lot of advices which give me confidence in race. I will not be the best rider in descend of the world but with Oscar, I improve my skills in order to the descent doesn’t be a failing and a a brake on my progress.

  • Edi Tesler

    Edi Tesler

    Headcoach Swiss Cycling Women MTB

    3 anni fa siamo partiti con un primo stage con Oscar. Ora e diventato un progetto che ci portera al sucesso. Oscar ha una grande esperienza , il suo passato da atleta proffesionista e il lavoro con diversi atleti gli permette di vedere le cose da diversi punti di vista. Capisce bene come trasmettere agli atleti quello che hanno bisogno nel momento giusto.Le sue capacita tecniche gli permettono di fare vedere sulla bici come si affronta diversi tratti technici. Ha un modo molto calmo di lavorare. La sua capacita di analizzare in dettaglio e di capire quanto vale il dettaglio e enorme. Con Oscar possiamo lavorare in dettaglio che altri neanche vedono, che per me pero fanno poi la differenza a quell livello dove noi lavoriamo.

  • Joe Staub 

    Joe Staub 

    Giant Factory Off Road Team

    Our race program’s success is, in large part, due to Oscar’s contributions. He has given unmatched acuity in technical coaching, and racing methods for each of our athletes. Oscar’s unique combination of technical knowledge, insight and interpersonal skills allows him to gain deep and meaningful connections to our riders which yields amazing progress. HIs diligence and professionalism in addition to his positive attitude makes him a irreplaceable resource.

  • Maja Włoszczowska

    Maja Włoszczowska

    KROSS Racing Team

    I had a big pleasure to work closely with Oscar for 2 years riding for Giant Factory Off road Team.  And keep on working whenever it’s possible.
    Absolutely the best technical coach I’ve ever worked with. He knows how to teach from basics to the top skills. In the right time for the rider. Course inspection, choosing lines, making tactic for the race – that are aspects where Oscar is always big help for me.

  • Anna van der Breggen

    Anna van der Breggen

    Boels – Dolmans Cycling Team

    I enjoy every downhill now but that was not always the case.I had some sessions with you in which you taught me how to approach a downhill, when to brake and how to react on my bike.The way you explained and showed me how to ride the bike in the descends was impressive , and a very important reminder!! take every downhill as an exercise . Since then I improved a lot and started to enjoy my downhills, just on time to win the Olympic race in Rio which had a technical downhill in it!!